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Jesse Lebon


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Jesse Lebon has been drawn to world of storytelling since an early age. Born in Queens, New York and raised in New Jersey, the world around him serves as inspiration to dissect and deconstruct. His passion for creativity was sparked by the colorful world of animation and the drama filled universe of pro wrestling. As a graduate of New Jersey City University, his skills and techniques expanded into painting, graphic design, and illustration. Known for being the silent type, his words can be strongly heard through his artwork. But his creative journey doesn't stop there. His childhood dream led him to step into the ring and slam through the chaotic world of pro wrestling. Trained by a hall of fame legend of the combat sport, Jesse's tells stories through battle in the squared-circle. Designing event posters and being a creative force behind a limited digital series for his wrestling club, Jesse's talents began to expand. Working besides acclaimed fashion and wildlife photographer, Ejaz Khan, Jesse found himself dipping his toes into filmmaking and production. The feature film BEFORE THEY VANISH was not only a learning process but a life experience for Jesse. As editor of that film, telling an emotional story with a large cast of characters was a big undertaking but very rewarding. Connecting an audience to an emotional story that leaves a lasting impression was a driving force in Jesse's editing process. Continuing in the realm of emotional storytelling, THE GO TO is a project in which Jesse finds himself entering a new frontier, comedy. As editor, Jesse focuses on pacing to capture the charming and bubbly personalities of such a dynamic cast that exudes through the screen onto an audience ready to share laughter. Jesse continues to move forward in the path in which he saw himself as a child ready to show the world his imaginative spirit. LINKS  email:   Production credits on IMDB books: deviantart: The Evil One: Pro Wrestling Graphics:

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